MI House GOP calls for focus on job creation


Some Republicans in the state House say the Legislature must reduce the Michigan Business Tax as the first and most important step to attract businesses to the state. It was part of a plan unveiled by the House G.O.P Tuesday.

A handful of members from the House G.O.P unveiled a long list of general ideas they say will help create jobs in the state. One of the ideas was to - quote -- "return to the strategy which led to the economic growth of the 1990s."

Representative John Proos says state officials in Indiana embraced and benefited from strategies adopted by former-Governor John Engler.

"If you look at what Indiana has done, they are, in fact, eating our lunch," he says.

But the economic success of Michigan in the 90s came primarily from the vast growth of a singular industry - the auto industry. Proos and his fellow Republicans agree Michigan's economy must become more diverse. They say to encourage more and different businesses to come to Michigan, the state must loosen regulations and reduce taxes.