MI health officials urge asthmatics to get vaccinated

LANSING, MI – State health officials say people with asthma need to get vaccinated against the H1N1 flu as soon as possible.

Doctor Gregory Holzman is the state's chief medical executive. Holzman says it's particularly important for health workers, young children, senior citizens, and women in their child-bearing years to get vaccinated. He says more people with asthma also need to get flu shots because they are at risk of serious lung infections if they get sick.

"And as we've talked about with seasonal flu," he says, "we don't get near as many people vaccinated as would be recommended by the CDC, and it is the best way to possible to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated."

Holzman says four people with asthma have died of H1N1. A total of 34 people in Michigan have died from H1N1. Three of the people who died were children.