MI hall owners seek BYOB bill

LANSING, MI – Michigan's banquet hall owners may soon be allowed to host bring-your-own-booze parties and fundraisers without having to register as a not-for-profit organization.

A state House committee approved a bill that would make it easier for private banquet hall owners to host B-Y-O-B events - or cabarets. Lewis Vincent - a private hall owner in Detroit - testified before the committee.

"You know we're asking you in fact we're begging you, because we need you to survive," he says. "The city of Detroit need to survive. The state of Michigan."

Vincent says many hall owners are having to shutter their businesses because there are too many expenses and issues tied to hosting a party with alcohol - including becoming a non-profit organization and buying a 24-hour liquor license for every event.

This version of the legislation is limited to the city of Detroit, but many lawmakers want to pass cabaret legislation for their districts as well. An amendment that would include all banquet hall owners in the state is expected on the House floor.