MI Board of Ed to review MOUs

The state Board of Education will meet Tuesday to discuss the number of school districts that have agreed to the education reforms signed into law last week.

The state needs most, if not all, school districts to sign off on the reforms for Michigan to compete for about $400 million of "Race To The Top" federal money. And it would help even more if the state could get most of the teachers' unions to agree to the reforms as well. The unions have been skeptical, and want to know more details of the agreement first. But Governor Granholm says there won't be details to give until Michigan hears back from the federal government.

"I don't think that there's a huge number that don't want to support it whatsoever," she says. "I think that there have been concerns for a technical reason."

Hundreds of districts have agreed to the reforms, while only a few dozen unions have signed off on them.