Meijer will seek reversal of court ruling

LANSING, MI – The retail chain Meijer will try to reverse a court ruling that clears the way for a criminal investigation into possible election law violations by the company.

Meijer bankrolled a 2007 campaign to recall Acme Township trustees who voted against allowing the company to build a superstore in their northern Michigan community. That's against Michigan law. Meijer acknowledged its role in a settlement agreement with the Secretary of State.

The company says the civil settlement trumps efforts by the Grand Traverse County prosecutor to pursue criminal charges. But the state Court of Appeals ruled last week that the prosecutor can subpoena records and potential witnesses as part of a criminal investigation.

The ruling will not take effect while Meijer asks the court to reconsider its decision, or appeals to the Michigan Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court is also expected to rule on a separate challenge to Michigan's campaign finance law. That decision could affect the prosecutor's case against Meijer.