Medical Marijuana Rules Await Legislature’s Return

Apr 2, 2012

Bills to add regulations to Michigan’s voter-approved medical marijuana law are waiting on action from the Legislature when it returns from a two-week spring break.

The Legislature needs 3/4 super-majorities to amend the law approved by voters in 2008.

John Walsh chairs the House Judiciary Committee. He says one question is what to do when medical marijuana cardholders grow more than they need. "And I would much rather have that kind of overage going to a regulated dispensary or distribution center than into the unknown,” Walsh says.

The state Supreme Court will decide whether the law allows cardholders to buy or share marijuana at clubs and dispensaries. But Walsh says the Legislature should not wait on courts to rule.

Lawmakers say they need to fill gaps in the medical marijuana law, although critics say they want to add restrictions never intended by voters.