Legislative leaders say K-12 budget deal near

LANSING, MI – At the state Capitol, House and Senate leaders say they're close to a deal on K-12 schools spending. The state's been operating without a K-12 budget since the new fiscal year began on Thursday. That's put federal school funds and state aid payments at risk.

The House and the Senate have split on how much money the state will cut from K-12 schools this year. Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says funding for schools has been delayed for too long.

"We will resolve the K-12 budget because it needs to be done," he says. "We can't wait any more on that. If we can find a solution and negotiate a final outcome on this, we'll do it and do the whole budget and get it over with. If we can't, we'll figure out a way to do the continuation budget, and bith chambers have talked and we know how we're going to do that."

Bishop says that vote should occur Wednesday.