Lansing's UAW workforce continues voting on concessions

(East Lansing, MI) – (East Lansing, MI) - WKAR News
Lansing-area United Auto Workers members are still voting today on a proposed set of concessions aimed at helping General Motors.

The company and national union leaders are hoping the rank and file will approve contract concessions they think could lead to an easier transition into bankruptcy, and possibly help to prevent it.

Jeff Vanderwall of Grand Rapids commutes daily to work at GM's Lansing Grand River facility. He voted yes. "It's actually better than what I thought it was going to be so, in the long run, I hope that when everything turns around we can get what we've lost back," he said. "But right now I'm just hoping to get back to work. I've been off since January, so...."

The concessions include the elimination of dental and vision coverage for GM retirees. Lansing locals 602 and 1753 approved the contract Wednesday.