Lansing's South Side to be focus of new economic study

EAST LANSING, MI – Lansing officials announced the start of an economic study of the city's South side on Wednesday. They hope to better identify ways to improve existing businesses and bring more business to the region.

Critics of the Bernero administration say economic development of the region has taken a back seat to downtown development.

Bob Trezise is the director of the Lansing Economic Development Corporation. He says the area has been given plenty of attention over the years.

"It's very township-like," he says. "It lacks a sense of place and a sense of centered-ness. And so, we've done a huge amount of projects in south Lansing, but no one notices because south Lansing is so big."

The south side is generally recognized as everything south of Interstate 496. It makes up about two-thirds of the area of the city.

Trezise says the study will also look at the demographics of the area and should help the city better define the south side.