Lansing teachers wait on endorsing "Race to the Top"

The Lansing Board of Education has signed off on reforms required to receive federal "Race to the Top" money. But the district's teacher's union says state officials have not disclosed details that may impact teachers. Jerry Swartz is President of the Lansing Schools' Education Association.

"The most important and significant page is blank, and it says it will be filled in within 90-days," he says. "There's supposed to be some structure put to that and posted on the state of Michigan's website. That's the meat and potatoes that everyone is hesitant about."

Swartz says the union will review a more detailed application on Sunday. State education officials need to hear from districts Friday. Michigan's chances of getting up to $400-million is slightly higher if both administrations and unions approve the plans. Federal education officials need the state's application by January 19.