Lansing students improve in math, social studies

Lansing, MI – LANSING, MI (WKAR) - The Lansing School District posted some gains in standardized high school test scores this year, but generally remained below the statewide average.


Lansing 11th graders who took the Michigan Merit Exam fared better than last year's class in two key areas. Thirty percent scored proficient or higher in math, and 72 percent did the same in social studies. But this year's results dropped slightly in English language arts, reading and science. On the whole, Lansing superintendent T.C. Wallace says he's happy with the outcome.

"The results are consistent, they're pretty steady they're not quantum leaps, but they're moving at a very nice pace," Wallace says.

The district failed to meet its goal of a 10-percent increase in overall academic proficiency this year. Officials say they're putting more resources into the classroom, including new federal funds to teach at-risk and special needs students.