Lansing Schools "nearly perfect" in AYP

LANSING, MI – For the first time in five years, two of Lansing's high school have achieved federal Adequate Yearly Progress. Everett and Sexton High Schools have met standards required by the No Child Left Behind law.

Twenty-five of the district's 26 elementary schools and all four middle schools also earned AYP status.

School Board President Hugh Clarke says he's elated.

"Because it hasn't happened in this district in awhile," he says. "We've taken our lumps for it. People somehow thought that children can't be educated in the Lansing School District. But with a change in attitude and an administration that came in with a no-holds-barred plan, to have two of those three jump out and do it in less than two years, I think is significant."

Riddle Elementary School and Eastern High School did not meet performance goals. School officials say students at Eastern did improve their proficiency levels on the Michigan Merit Exam.