Lansing lays off 14 police officers

Lansing, MI – Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero says the city is laying off 14 police officers. The layoffs are part of an effort to close a $3 million deficit in the current year's budget.

The layoffs come after Bernero asked for $1 million in cuts to city police and fire departments. Bernero says the city and the police union were not able to reach an agreement on alternative cuts, such as longer shifts and furloughs, "We were able to work with all the other unions and come to closure without having to resort to layoffs and it was our goal not to have to lay anybody off. We got cooperation from all the other departments, all the other unions, but the Fraternal Order of Police, we weren't able to arrive at an agreement that would avoid these layoffs."

Police union officials declined to make a statement Wednesday. They've scheduled a news conference Thursday morning.