Lansing finance director leaving for Flint


Lansing mayor Virg Bernero says the city has been "blessed" by the work of his chief of staff and finance director, Jerry Ambrose. Ambrose has announced he's taking a new position as the financial advisor to the city of Flint's emergency manager, Michael Brown.

Ambrose presided over a profound economic downturn that forced the city to layoff dozens of police and firefighters in the last year.

Bernero says Ambrose kept a sense of stability.

"Obviously, Flint's gain is our loss, but we will carry on because he's put us in great shape," he says. "He's got a great field team that he's developed and we're on the right path in Lansing. So I feel confident that we will continue along the right financial path that he has set us on."

Ambrose will begin his new position in Flint next month. He'll oversee that city's finance, budget and treasury departments.