Lansing Council sets public hearing on ramp sale

Lansing, MI – Lansing, MI (WKAR) - The Lansing City Council has set a public hearing on a proposal to sell a city parking ramp to Lansing Community College.

This is the second time the sale of the ramp has come before the council for a vote.

Last September the council rejected a plan to sell the North Capital Ramp to the college for $2.7 million.

Councilmember Eric Hewitt voted against the deal last year and says he'll vote against it again.

Hewitt say the city could lose $1.5 million a year in parking revenue by selling the ramp.

Supporters of the deal say LCC, the city and an adjacent neighborhood would all benefit from the sale.

The college plans to invest more than $5 million to renovate the 40-year-old structure.