Lansing braces for possible revenue sharing cuts

Lansing, MI – Lansing mayor Virg Bernero is blasting state lawmakers for not resolving a state budget that he fears could bring huge cuts in shared revenue payments to the city.


If the legislature approves proposed revenue sharing cuts, Lansing officials say the city could lose more than $2 million this fiscal year. That's nearly two percent of its entire budget.

The city has made no decisions yet on what it will do if that happens. Officials say it would take 30 permanent layoffs to fill the gap.

Mayor Virg Bernero says state lawmakers are acting recklessly.

"What the legislature is talking about is right now in the midst of everything, basically dropping a budget bomb of us, requiring us, essentially, to go back to the drawing board instead of getting their financial house in order and doing it the right way and honoring their commitments," Bernero says.

Bernero says his administration may have to consider cutting police and fire services if the cuts go through.