Land, Granholm face off over idling offices

Lansing, MI – Lansing, MI (MPRN) - Michigan's Republican secretary of state is complaining about the Democratic governor. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land says Governor Granholm is ordering her to close branch offices more days than are necessary.

Most state employees are required to take six Fridays off without pay this summer to help the state save money. Land says her office found other ways to save money, and only needs to close three Fridays instead of six. Kelly Chesney is her spokeswoman: ""We were achieving the savings that the governor needed, and we were able to be able to continue to collect $7 million dollars daily, plus interest when the state is cash-strapped, and continue to serve our customers, so we thought it was a very good plan that would meet the budgetary needs of the state."

Chesney says closing branch offices for three additional days would not save more money.

The governor's spokeswoman says the state's budget office disagrees with Land. Liz Boyd says the state needs to save all the money it can. She says more savings can be squeezed out by idling branch offices, and Secretary of State employees will have to make the same sacrifices as other state workers.

Land is seeking the Republican nomination to run for the governor's job next year.