K-12 budget awaits its fate

Lansing, MI – Lawmakers at the state Capitol will continue negotiations this week on a proposal to save school districts money by encouraging veteran teachers and school employees to retire.

Lawmakers are also waiting to see estimates on sales-tax revenue, which affects K-12 schools funding. Official word on that is expected next week.

Democratic state Representative Terry Brown chairs the House subcommittee that oversees the schools budget.

"You know, my goal is to have an honest budget and say "this is what we have to work with," says Brown. "Let me tell you if the projections improve and it looks like the economy is improving enough that actually state aid is going to be benefited, that makes my job and it makes our committee's job a whole lot easier to get to holding it at the levels we were last year. If we don't have that money, I don't know what we do. I'm just not going to make it up."

Legislative leaders hope to have the school aid budget completed before July 1.