Izzo staying at MSU


Michigan State University basketball coach Tom Izzo has decided to stay at MSU. Izzo had been considering an offer to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA for more than a week.

In a statement released by the university, Izzo says "It's been an agonizing week" deciding about what he calls a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Izzo goes on to say that he needed to thoroughly examine the Cleveland job. Now, he says, "I'm pleased to say I am here for life at Michigan State."

In the same MSU news release, Athletics Director Mark Hollis describes Izzo as "a natural resource of the state of Michigan," comparing him to legendary sports figures such as Magic Johnson, Joe Louis, Al Kaline, and Steve Yzerman, among others.

The release quotes MSU President Lou Anna Simon: "His decision is a winner for all of Team MSU, the state of Michigan, college basketball and intercollegiate athletics in general."

Izzo expressed having been touched by the East Lansing community's acts of support. That included hundreds of people gathering over the weekend to put up signs saying "I (heart) Izzo."