Investigators say Discount Dave blaze was arson

LANSING, MI – The Lansing Fire Marshal has declared the fire at Buy-Rite Furniture last month to be a case of arson.

AUDIO: The May 3 fire destroyed the South Washington Avenue furniture store. After six weeks of investigation, Fire Marshal Phil Sabon now says arson was the cause.

"Today, we're reporting that the fire was intentionally set, and continually will be under investigation at this time," Sabon says.

Sabon declined to talk further about the evidence in the case, or possible suspects or motive.

Attorney Charles Ford is representing owner Dave Sheets, who also owns the adjacent Cadillac Club restaurant. He says it's wrong to declare the fire was diliberately set while the investigation is ongoing.

"How can you label it arson if you're still doing your investigation?" Ford says. "It doesn't make sense to me."

Ford says Sheets will have his own investigation done to determine the fire's cause.