Ingham townships losing patrols may contract with municipalities


Officials in Ingham county's rural areas are looking at several options to provide police service starting next year.

Facing cuts of about $5 million in 2011, Ingham county officials plan to eliminate rural police patrols on January 1. One rural official says the townships may contract for service from municipalities. Janet Eyster is the Treasurer for Williamstown Township, east of Lansing. She says the jurisdictions affected are looking at several options and acting as one.

"We can look at neighboring police departments," she says. (Who are those?) "Well our neighboring ones are Williamston and Meridian, but we would all be working as a group. We wouldn't be doing it individually with them."

The group may also contract with the Ingham County Sherriff. All but one of the 14 jurisdictions affected have decided to include police funding proposals on their November ballots.