Hutaree defenders will appeal order


A federal judge in Detroit is ordering members of a self-described "Christian militia" held without bond until their trials.

As the Michigan Public Radio Network's Quinn Klinefelter reports, defense attorneys in the case are appealing the order.

Federal officials accuse nine members of a group calling itself Hutaree with sedition and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction among other charges.

The allegations are based on information from an undercover informant.

But defense attorneys say it is unfair to keep their clients in custody based on statements read in court ostensibly from an undercover agent who they have been unable to cross-examine.

Federal agents say the Hutaree members planned to assassinate police officers then retreat to safe areas and await a general uprising against the government.

The federal judge in the case says the dangers inherent in the crimes attributed to the defendants are such that they should not be freed until their guilt or innocence can be established.