Humane Society Brings Survivor Dog 'Daniel' to Capitol

May 10, 2012

A dog that survived being put down in a pet shelter gas chamber paid a visit to the state Capitol Thursday. Daniel and his owner Joe Dwyer of Nutley, New Jersey tour the country to campaign against the use of gas chambers by pet shelters.

Dwyer says many shelters that use gas chambers to euthanize animals don’t use humane methods.

“The animals are packed into the gas chamber, the gas is just turned on and there is a frantic, very and horrible situation that takes place and that is why Daniel is such a miracle because when he lived, the others did die that day in the gas chamber,” he says.

Michigan’s Humane Society invited Dwyer and Daniel to lobby for a state law that would outlaw the use of gas chambers by pet shelters. The Humane Society says there are only a handful of shelters that still use gas instead of lethal injection to euthanize abandoned animals.