House, Senate cancel Sunday sessions, but edge closer to budget to deal

LANSING, MI – The Legislature is not meeting Monday out of respect for the Jewish Yom Kippur religious observance. But legislative leaders say they're confident they can wrap up work on the state budget for the Wednesday night deadline.


There were no quorums in the House or the Senate for rare Sunday sessions.

But House and Senate negotiators continued to talk and were able to come to some agreements. Prisons and libraries are facing big cuts under agreements that were reached over the weekend.

Republican state Representative Chuck Moss says the cuts are difficult.

"We're all going to have to live within our means, just like families have to do. I hate having to do this, make these cuts, but it's time for Lansing to start living within its means, just like everybody else does."

The Legislature's Democratic and Republican leaders say they they can get the budget done before the Wedesday night deadline, despite big disagreements on spending priorities, and whether new taxes should be part of a final budget deal.