House Republicans offer $23B list of spending cuts

WASHINGTON (AP) – WASHINGTON (AP) - House Republican leaders have accepted a challenge from President Barack Obama and suggested more than $23 billion in spending cuts over the next five years.

The GOP's proposed cuts are being sent to the White House today.

Unlike sweeping proposals made 14 years ago, such as eliminating the Education Department, Republicans are thinking a bit smaller. For example, they suggest saving $183 million by killing a program that pays for building sidewalks, bike paths and crossing guards as part of the Safe Routes to Schools program.

The Associated Press was provided an advance look at the plan, which flows from a tiff between President Barack Obama and Republicans who derided him for proposing $100 million in spending cuts for this year.

There are 37 specific program cuts that would save taxpayers more than $23 billion over the next five years and more than $5 billion in the first year alone.