House Panel Looks To Relax Fines For Driving Without License, Proof Of Insurance

Jul 15, 2014

State lawmakers will be back in Lansing Wednesday for their only scheduled session day in July.

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, legislation that would relax some fines for drivers will likely move forward in the state House.

The Legislature has already repealed a law that tacked on extra fines for driving without a license or proof of insurance. But some drivers still owe money for tickets written before September of 2012. That’s when lawmakers repealed the extra fees. The bill would allow them to perform ten hours of community service instead of having to pay up.

State House Appropriations Chair Joe Haveman says he was never a fan of the fines in the first place.

   “I just felt it was wrong to tax people twice or fine people twice for the same crime,” he says.

The bill already cleared the state Senate unanimously.