House introduces 20J supplement

Lansing, MI – A new bill has been introduced in the state House that would restore the money recently cut from the state's 39 wealthiest school districts. That money was vetoed by Governor Granholm last week.

The Senate Appropriations Committee called for the House to overturn the governor's veto, but it would take a two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate to override Granholm's veto.

Democratic State Representative Marc Corriveau sponsored the House bill. He says it's time to act, "Two-thousand, seven hundred signatures delivered to me today from people in my community asking me to protect education, which was a promise I made when I came up here. So I wasn't going to wait for a veto vote, my goal was to get a bill introduced and to do it right away."

Corriveau says he does not yet know where the money to restore the education funds would come from, but he thinks if the Republican-controlled Senate is willing to overturn the governor's veto, then the Senators should be ready to find revenue to fill the cut.