House Dems call to consolidate Legislative services

LANSING, MI – A new proposal in the Legislature would save the state a few million dollars by consolidating services at the Capitol.

The Michigan Public Radio Network's Laura Weber reports.

AUDIO: The plan unveiled by House Democrats would consolidate House and Senate business offices and support services. That includes the fiscal agencies that crunch numbers for the House and Senate.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop says he is not sure merging the fiscal agencies would make sense or reduce costs.

"I think the fiscal agencies actually save us money because they make us more efficient," Bishop says.

But to that argument Democratic House Speaker Andy Dillon says he wants to see numbers that show having two fiscal agencies is cost effective.

"Let's create a third one, maybe we'll save more money," Dillon says.

The proposal would also reduce the amount of money the state pays into the 401K plans of lawmakers and legislative staff. Lawmakers will debate the proposal when they return from their two-week spring break.