House approves sale of illegal fireworks in Mich


Large fireworks that are currently illegal in Michigan may soon be sold at some businesses in the state. A bill approved by the state House would allow the businesses to purchase licenses to sell the fireworks.

People are already allowed to buy smaller fireworks in Michigan, such as fountains and sparklers. Many lawmakers recognize that consumers cross state lines to buy larger fireworks that are currently illegal in Michigan.

Democratic state Representative Harold Haugh sponsored the measure to allow the sale of larger fireworks in the state.

"This bill is about generating the revenue and the jobs that this state desperately needs, and also creates and opportunity for empty brick and mortar buildings to be used," he says.

Temporary roadside tents would still not be allowed to sell the larger fireworks under Haugh's bill. And some lawmakers voted against the bill because it would create fees and prevent very small businesses from selling them as well. But the bill passed and now moves to the state Senate. Haugh hopes the Legislature can approve the fireworks bill before the summer.