Historic housing complex adds new 'network center'

Sep 6, 2013

Edgewood Village in East Lansing was founded more than 40 years ago to offer amenities not normally associated with public housing. Now, the facility is opening a new 'network center.'
Credit Courtesy Greater Lansing Housing Coalition

One of the Lansing area’s most historic and vital housing communities continues to evolve and grow, more than 40 years after it was conceived.

East Lansing’s Edgewood Village is the site of 135 apartments and townhouses for low and moderate-income residents, the physically impaired and the elderly.  It includes common areas, a computer lab---amenities and other services not often associated with low-income, publicly funded housing.

Now, Edgewood Village’s new “Network Center” opens this Saturday.  Our guests are Edgewood Village co-founder Karl Gotting and board chairman John Duley.