High speed rail task force meets today

EAST LANSING, MI – A legislative task force meets today at Michigan State University to take public testimony on a proposed high-speed rail system in Michigan. A company in Whitmore Lake says it can build a suspended track above existing freeways for a "Magnetic Levitation" or "Maglev" train that travels up to 200 miles an hour.

MSU Economic History professor James Anderson is a proponent of Maglev rail service. He says it can be mostly funded by private investors. Anderson says he personally has no doubts that something like this system is going to be built. He says the question is whether the people of Michigan are going to find the political resources make the project happen, even during a difficult time in the history of the state.

The task force meets Monday from 10 a. m. until noon at the Kellogg Center. Future meetings will be scheduled in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Grand Rapids.