Henry Paulson Tells Michigan To Seek Out Chinese Investment

Jul 21, 2014

Former U-S Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson says China could play a key role in Michigan’s economic recovery.

Credit mprn Jake Neher

He spoke Monday before the Detroit Economic Club.

We have more from The Michigan Public Radio Networks’s Jake Neher.

The former aide to President George W. Bush says many Chinese companies want to expand overseas. Paulson says Michigan could attract those businesses if it reaches out to them and explains the advantages of investing in the state.

   “Make Michigan attractive for investment, period,” he says.  “OK? Make it attractive.”

Paulson says Michigan’s agricultural industry and research institutions also position the state well to help China adjust to unprecedented growth.

The former treasury secretary now heads the Paulson Institute – a nonpartisan think tank he founded in Chicago. Paulson played a key role in designing the Wall Street bailout of 2008.