Heartbreak, but no hostility in East Lansing after Final Four loss

East Lansing, MI – Despite Michigan State's loss in the NCAA tournament semifinals, as many as 1,500 Spartan fans spent much Saturday night rallying behind their team.


MSU's dream of clinching its first national championship since 2000 died in a 52-50 nailbiter against Butler University that came down to the game's final seconds. When it was over, hundreds of people filled the streets of East Lansing's Cedar Village neighborhood.

While most were shocked and disappointed, many like student Kellie Tung found themselves cheering on the Spartans.

"Just pure school spirit, you know," Tung said. "We love MSU no matter what. Though we lost in the first round, we still love MSU. This is how it works."

There were multiple arrests throughout the evening, but the crowds remained under control and did not turn violent. Police units from across mid-Michigan kept order and peacefully dispersed the crowd shortly before1 a.m.