Gun Control Advocates Says Snyder Should Veto Concealed Pistol Legislation

Dec 14, 2012

One of the final actions of the lame duck state Legislature was to adopt bills that would allow concealed guns in public schools and other places that are “no carry” zones.

Credit swatcop / morgueFile

Governor Rick Snyder says he will review the bills, and has not made a decision on signing them. The administration was officially neutral when the bills were before the Legislature.

Jessica Tramontana is with Progress Michigan. She says the governor should veto the bills.

“This is legislation that allows guns in schools, churches, and daycares in our state," she says. "We really think it’s time to rethink that decision.”

The state’s largest teachers’ union has also called on the governor to veto the legislation.

Advocates for the legislation say a law can’t keep guns out of schools, but can allow a bystander with a legal, concealed pistol to step in and end a violent situation.