Grey wolf again an endangered species

EAST LANSING, MI – Grey wolves in the Great Lakes region were removed from the federal endangered species list earlier this year. But now, they're back on the list as part of an out-of-court settlement between the Humane Society and the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service.

The settlement stops Michigan and other states from enacting their own management plans that allow private citizens and wildlife officials to shoot wolves that prey on pets or livestock.

But wildlife officials say Michigan has 580 wolves in the Upper Peninsula - more than enough to justify removing them from the endangered species list.

Brian Roell of the Department of Natural Resources says the public won't support efforts to restore the places where wolves live and roam if they fear the animals.

"I think wolves are really on the losing end of all this," he said. "You know, wolf biology has really been thrown out the door."

Roell says the federal government may try again next year to remove Great Lakes wolves from the endangered species list next.