Greater Lansing Gig.U Coalition Touts High Speed Internet Progress

Jul 12, 2012

Michigan State University and local economic development officials say they’re making progress on expanding ultra-high speed internet service in the Lansing area.

A coalition called Greater Lansing Gig-U is announcing the creation of, a website detailing property addresses that are ready to provide ultra-high speed internet service. Now being tested, a full-scale launch of the service is expected in the fall.

They’re also unveiling a gigabit certified building program.

Gillespie Group President Pat Gillespie says gigabit certification will be more important to businesses than LEED certification for energy efficiency.

“I think they’ll ask that question," Gillespie says, "how fast is my internet, because that’s something they’ll use every day, rather than a green roof or recycled products in their carpet.”

The coalition is working with internet service providers to expand area networks.