Granholm's office says some laid off troopers may not be re-hired

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm's office says she cannot say how many Michigan State Police troopers will be called back from layoff. There is money for re-hiring 55 troopers in the state police budget she signed last week. But her spokeswoman says the state's revenue picture is so bleak that another round of cuts in January is a near-certainty. She says the governor won't re-hire troopers that she will have to lay off early next year.

Republican Representative Rick Jones says the Legislature was tricked into voting for the budget and an expensive new state police headquarters.

"It was a scam because many members of the House told me they were only voting for the state police budget because they felt they were restoring 55 troopers back to duty," Jones says.

The governor's spokeswoman says the new headquarters will save the state $3 million in this fiscal year, and the savings will avert more trooper layoffs.