Granholm still hopes to get inmates from feds, other states for Michigan prisons

Governor Granholm says she was not disappointed to hear that Guantamo detainees will be headed to Illinois instead of prison in northeast Michigan. She says her security concerns on housing suspected terrorists at the closed prison in Standish were never addressed.

Governor Granholm says taking Guantamo detainees did not appear to be the best use of the Standish facility. But she says Michigan has been reaching out to other states and to federal authorities about taking their inmates to fill empty prison cells.

Granholm says she hopes to hear a decision soon from Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

"I've spoken with Governor Rendell twice about it now and if for some reason that doesn't work, we are still asking the federal government, the Federal Bureau of Prisons to consider us," she says.

State corrections officials say a decision from Pennsylvania could come as soon as this week. There is no specific proposal before federal authorities, but Michigan has plenty of space as it reduces its inmate population. The state closed a dozen prisons and prison camps this year and will close the Muskegon Correctional Facility next year.