Granholm gets letter ordering her to leave office


Governor Granholm's office has confirmed that she was one of 30 governors who was sent a letter from an anti-government group demanding that she vacate her office. As Michigan Public Radio's Rick Pluta reports, the letter was turned over the State Police.

The governor's spokeswoman says the State Police and federal authorities are conducting a joint investigation. The governor was advised last month that a group calling itself Guardians of the Free Republics was mailing letters to governors giving them three days to leave office or be removed. The Guardians' website says it's committed to the peaceful dismantling of the government with the cooperation of the U.S. military. Removing governors appears to be the first step.

The letter arrived at Governor Granholm's office on March 29th. Three days later, she is still governor of Michigan.

Law enforcement agencies are keeping a close eye on anti-government extremist groups following the arrest of nine Christian militia members who allegedly planned to kill police officers in Lenawee County.