Granholm calls for end to pattern of budget standoffs

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm used her eighth and final State of the State address to defend her economic plans, and to urge Democrats and Republicans to cooperate to avoid another budget standoff.

Governor Granholm says targeted tax incentives and worker retraining have laid the groundwork for an economic recovery that won't be fully realized before she leaves office in eleven months.

She says the budget deadlocks of recent years have got to stop, and the governor and lawmakers should not be paid for every day after July first that the budget is not completed.

"The budget process is broken. It is a last-minute, crisis-driven disaster. We must do better," Granholm says.

The governor also says said there will be no further cuts to schools. And she called on the Legislature to support restoring the Michigan Promise college scholarship when she presents it as part of her budget proposal next week.