Granholm budget chief says there may not be political will to pass plan


Governor Granholm's budget chief says it will be tough to round up enough votes in the Legislature for the governor's budget proposals.

Budget Director Robert Emerson was appearing on the Michigan Public Television show "Off the Record." Emerson acknowledged the governor's new budget - the final budget proposal of her administration -- is controversial -- especially expanding the sales tax to cover services.

And Emerson says he's not sure there is the political will in the Legislature to approve the governor's budget plans in an election year.

"As we went out the door, we tried to figure out what would be the best policy, and what was a policy you could defend, and we think this is a policy you could defend," he says. "Whether or not you could get the votes for it is a different question."

Republican leaders say they're not convinced new taxes are needed. But Emerson says lawmakers are facing a choice between raising more revenue or more cuts to schools.