Granholm administration sends layoff notices to state workers

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm's administration formally notified thousands of state workers Tuesday that they will be laid off there is no budget deal by the October first deadline.

The letter was sent from state department directors to 52,000 state employees. It says state employees will be laid off effective a minute after midnight on October first if there is no budget in place.

The letter stresses that Granholm still expects to reach a budget deal with legislative leaders. And it says the administration views the notice is simply a technicality that meets the requirements of union contracts and civil service rules. The letter is required because there is still no budget, and the deadline is two weeks away. The administration complied with a similar requirement when it notified state employees in late August that a shutdown is possible.

In the event of a shutdown, it is not clear what would happen to the people who work in sensitive public safety positions like prison guards and state police troopers.