Governor to visit campuses as part of revenue campaign

Governor Granholm will visit Michigan State University and Saginaw Valley State University Wednesday as part of her campaign to get the Legislature to vote for new revenue. She says the state is cutting too deeply into funding for K-12 schools and college scholarships.

The governor says higher taxes on loose tobacco and small cigars and freezing the state income tax personal exemption would go a long way toward restoring those cuts. She says Republicans should be able to support those without suffering politically.

"If you consider that we have had to cut everywhere, a pausing of the scheduled increase in an income tax credit shouldn't be that difficult of a vote when it's compared to slashing education - whether it's the Michigan Promise or K-through-12," she says.

Republicans say the governor is responsible for a large part of the cuts to schools. GOP leaders say they've made their offer to raise more money for the state's general fund. The Senate has voted to freeze the tax break for working poor families, although part of the savings would be used to reduce business taxes.