Governor trying to mobilize support for revenue

LANSING, MI – Governor Granholm will meet with school officials Monday. She is trying to mobilize educators and parents to pressure legislative Republicans to support new revenue for schools.

Last week, the governor signed a school budget with funding cuts. She then sent a letter to superintendents warning that bigger cuts are on the way if the Legislature does not come up with more money for K-through-12 education.

The governor is also trying to convince legislative Republicans to restore cuts to college scholarships, Medicaid and local governments. She says she will eliminate money for programs she considers less important in the six remaining budget bills awaiting her signature this week. "You will see line-item vetoes," Granholm says.

Granholm says that money could be used to help restore her priorities.

Majority Leader Mike Bishop says Senate Republicans will not reinstate any funding vetoed by the governor.

Bishop and other Republicans say she is playing politics with the budget to try and get them to support tax increases.