Governor Snyder Kicks Off Re-Election Bid

Feb 3, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder is officially back on the campaign trail asking Michigan voters to give him another four-year term.

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, Snyder is touting his record as one that has created jobs and boosted the economy.

“I’m very excited to officially announce I’m running for re-election,” he says.

Governor Snyder kicked off his bid for a second term in Detroit. It’s the first stop on a two-day, six-city campaign tour. Snyder says more Michiganders are working and the state is in better financial shape than it was when he took office in 2011.

   “Our work is still out there – more to be done,” he says.  “There are still people that need help.”

Snyder will likely face former Democratic Congressman Mark Schauer on the November ballot. Schauer says Michigan’s unemployment rate is still unacceptably high, and that Snyder’s policies have hurt middle class families.