Governor Snyder Expected To Give Energy Policy Address Next Month

Nov 19, 2013

A year after calling for more research into the state’s energy policies, Governor Rick Snyder is expected to give an address next month on his new energy priorities.

As The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Jake Neher reports, that could include new standards for renewable sources like wind and solar.

Snyder’s administration recently released a report that said the state is well-positioned to increase renewable energy production. It says Michigan is capable of producing up to 30% of its energy using renewables by 2035.

Steve Bakkal directs the Michigan Energy Office, and helped write the report. He says the governor will be mulling over that information for the next couple weeks.

“With that, he’ll make recommendations on what the state potentially should be doing from an energy efficiency standpoint, renewables, and our regulatory structure as well,” he says.

But Bakkal doesn’t expect the governor to propose any specific legislation during the speech.

Right now, Michigan utilities are required to generate ten percent of their energy using renewables by 2015. The state’s report says they’re on track to meet that requirement.