Governor Snyder calls to tie up loose ends in speech

LANSING, MI – Governor Rick Snyder delivered his annual State of the State address at the state Capitol. He devoted part of the speech to unfinished business from last year that he would like to wrap up in 2012.

The governor told state lawmakers it's time to move forward with a long-stalled proposal to build a publically owned bridge between Detroit and Canada.

"We need to continue our efforts on this topic, since it's not a bridge issue, it's a jobs issue," Snyder says.

But though Snyder was speaking before a room full of legislators, it appears he may have to push forward with the bridge project without them. Republican Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville says that's okay with him.

"He does have the authority to do that, I understand," Richardville says. "So he can go ahead, but just don't come and ask us for any money because we're not going to give you any. That's pretty much it."

Snyder reiterated in his speech that Michigan taxpayers would not be on the hook to pay for the proposed bridge. Canadian officials have stated Canada would be willing to foot the bill and be paid back later through toll collections.