Governor Snyder Approves Wolf Hunt

May 8, 2013

Governor Rick Snyder has signed a bill to give state wildlife officials more control over which species can be hunted in Michigan – and to permit wolf hunts in the Upper Peninsula.

As we hear from The Michigan Public Radio Network’s Rick Pluta, this is the second time the governor has signed a law to allow wolf hunting.

The earlier law is the target of a referendum campaign to suspend and repeal it. That question would appear on the November 20-14 ballot. But this new law would circumvent that.

Jill Fritz is with the ballot campaign. She says Governor Snyder and state officials should respect the will of the 255 thousand voters who signed petitions to put the question on the ballot.

“Michiganders have obviously spoken out that they feel very strongly about this issue, and they treasure the opportunity to be able to vote on it,"   she says.

Supporters of the wolf hunts say pets and livestock are at risk right now in parts of the UP, and fixing that should not wait for an election. Opponents say there are other, better ways to handle problem wolves in the UP.