Governor, Senate spar over appointments


Governor Granholm and state Senate Republicans are battling over her authority to make appointments in the closing months of her administration. Senate GOP leaders say any appointments that begin next year should wait for the new governor.

The Senate was poised to reject several of the governor's appointments to university boards when Democrats used a procedural motion to abruptly adjourn the session until next week. Senate Republicans say that only delays the inevitable - they will block any appointments that begin on January 1 or later. Governor Granholm says the Senate should respect the fact that her appointment power continues all the way until a new governor is sworn in at noon on January 1.

"I just think it's a curious decision," she says. "It's actually a partisan decision. And it's unfortunate because slowing the work of government at this time when we've got so much to do is really a poor choice."

The governor says the quarrel is diverting attention from efforts to balance the budget and avert more cuts to schools.