Governor says she is anxious to sign smoking ban

The legislation to establish a ban on smoking in most Michigan workplaces will be formally presented to Governor Granholm on Monday. The ban will not take effect until May 1. But the governor says she intends to sign it at the earliest opportunity.

The bill sent to her this week would still allow smoking on the gaming floors of Detroit's casinos, in tobacco shops and cigar bars, home offices and inside commercial vehicles.

The governor says she would have preferred a ban that outlaws smoking in more workplaces.

"I think there is in any legislative process great compromise that happens and sometimes you have to give a little to get a little, and I'm glad that at least we have a ban in most places in Michigan and that's very helpful," she says.

The governor says the workplace smoking ban will send the signal that Michigan's health policies have joined the 21st Century. The governor says she expects more smoke-free bars and restaurants will make the state more attractive to college students and young professionals.